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RE/MAX Elite can offer an estimation for your property for free, considering the current market conditions, the recent properties transactions, the asking prices from competitive properties and using several indexes leading to a fair value which could approach the market value.

Given that the number of transactions is dramatically reduced (appr. 75%) compared to 2005 (peak prices in sales), it is very crucial the owners who want to sell, come out on the market place at a very attractive price, that will magnetise prospective buyers.

The first 30 days are the most crucial days during the sale procedure of a property. After this time, the interest declines sharply. It is worth to know   that during 2016 -in average- only 1 out of 10 are being sold.

Therefore, when you have to compare properties with similar features, it is obvious that the last 10% will be sold at the lowest asking prices. That is why it is necessary the contribution & the advice that a professional real estate consultant may provide.

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